flexicare loaner (temporary replacement)

Under our FlexiCare Loaner feature, if the goods you are renting break down, we can provide a temporary replacement for you to use while the goods are being repaired.

Your rental agreement must have FlexiCare Loaner to be able to take advantage of this feature. Check your Credit Guide and Terms & Conditions booklet for details.

FlexiCare Loaner applies to cameras, laptop computers, tablets and smartphones devices only. A refundable bond and delivery fees may apply under some rental agreements.

You’ll need to arrange the repair of the damaged or faulty goods, but we’ll let you keep working, calling, or taking photos for up to 60 days with a temporary replacement.

For example, if the iMac you’ve rented from us needs repair, we’ll aim to get you a Macbook to work on while it’s being fixed. We’ll dispatch the temporary goods to you within 2 business days provided that (1) delivery is to an Australian metropolitan area (2) stock is available and (3) you contact us during business hours Monday - Friday.

If you do not return the temporary goods or you lose them, we will charge you a fee of $880 incl GST.

See the full terms and conditions around the use of temporary loaner goods in the Credit Guide and Terms & Conditions booklet.

Remember! You’ll need to remove all personal data and software from the loaner goods before the courier collects them at the end of the 60 days.

Please call the SmartWay Customer Team on 1300 888 779 to request a FlexiCare Loaner.

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