managing your lease agreement

Add more goods to your lease agreement

Need a new laptop? Or a second family computer? You can easily add new items to your existing lease agreement. Call us on 1300 888 779 to get started.

Change your contact details

Call the SmartWay Customer Team on 1300 888 779 to update your information or simply complete our online form.

Change your payment details

If you want to change your payment method, or if you have changed your bank account, complete this form and return it to us by email, fax or mail.

Letter of authority

Complete and return this form to authorise a third party to request and receive information about your SmartWay lease agreement.

Sort out payment problems

If you’re finding it difficult to meet a monthly lease payment, contact us as soon as possible to discuss a solution. Subject to approval, options include:

  • Extending the term of your lease agreement to reduce monthly lease payments
  • Extending the term of your lease agreement and delaying monthly lease payments for a set time
  • Delaying monthly lease payments for a set time

Click here to see the Financial Hardship Policy. Please note: Fees apply if you choose these options.

End your lease agreement early

If you decide to end your lease agreement early, there’s a range of options available, but be aware that early termination payments may apply.

Nominate an end of term option

You’ve got a wide range of options that may be available to you at the end of term to suit your particular requirements.

If you’d like to own the leased goods, you can make us an offer to purchase them. We have the right to accept or reject your offer.

You can double the length of the term of your lease agreement by paying 1 additional monthly lease payment and continue to enjoy the benefits of the FlexiCare Program, or, if you no longer want the leased goods, you can simply return them to us in good working order1.

In addition, if you’d like to get the latest and greatest technology or appliances, you can upgrade to new goods on a new lease agreement with us, subject to approval.

The most important thing is to contact us before the end of the term of your lease agreement to nominate an end of term option. If you don’t contact us and you don’t return the leased goods, your agreement will continue on a month-to-month basis and you will continue to be charged monthly lease payments.

Read more about the most common End of Term Options or contact the SmartWay Customer Team on 1300 888 779.

1All end of term options (other than return) are subject to our agreement and standard terms and conditions, and in the case of upgrade, our internal credit criteria. All new leasel agreements are subject to a minimum invoice value of $100.