Online Application Terms & Conditions


Information captured as part of the online application process will be used by Flexirent Capital Pty Ltd, ABN 93 064 046 046 ("FlexiRent") to assess the application and authenticate the applicant’s identification provided.

During the application process you will be sent an SMS message which contains a unique Consent Code.

By entering this unique Consent Code, you acknowledge that you have read SmartWay's Privacy & Credit Reporting PolicyNotifiable Matters Statement and Credit Guide and Terms & Conditions and consent to the collection, use, handling and disclosure of your personal information by SmartWay.

The Notifiable Matters Statement contains important information about credit reporting, the credit reporting bodies we deal with and the credit information we give them about you and how they may share that information with other Credit Providers. You have rights to access and correct credit reporting information, to request that your personal information not be disclosed for marketing purposes and if you have been a victim of fraud and how to make a complaint.


  • By providing your email address as part of the rental application process, you agree to be contacted electronically by SmartWay regarding this rental application.
  • You certify that you have read and understood the terms and conditions set out in the Credit Guide and Terms & Conditions.
  • You certify that the information you provide within the rental application is true and correct and you acknowledge that SmartWay is relying on such information to assess your rental application.
  • You understand that you are applying for a fixed term rental agreement whereby you don’t automatically own the goods, however, you have a range of end of term options to choose from.
  • You understand that SmartWay will conduct credit checks with credit reporting bodies for the purpose of assessing your rental application.
  • You understand that this rental application is subject to a suitability assessment and that there are further obligations you will have to fulfil before entering into a rental agreement.

Business Use

Business Use terms and conditions
If you will be using the goods predominantly for work related purposes, you will be required to sign a Business Use Declaration. By signing this you are agreeing to waive your rights under the National Credit Code.

For example additional disclosures (e.g. credit guide and contract disclosure requirements) and conduct obligations (e.g. obligation to assess contract suitability, and additional rights for you in the case of financial hardship or default) will not apply if you are obtaining the goods predominantly for business purposes. More information is available at

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