Why rent

The smart way to do business

Stuck on XP? Printer playing up? Renting means you get the items you need to keep your business on the up and up.

Renting equipment for your business just makes good sense:

  1. Fixed monthly rental payments simplify budget management.
  2. Payments may be tax deductible*.
  3. Terms can be picked according to your cash flow – a longer term means lower monthly rental payments.
  4. You won’t be stuck owning old and obsolete equipment and you don’t need to struggle with depreciation calculations.

High tech, low risk

We know things can sometimes go wrong. In most cases we'll replace rented items that are stolen, accidentally lost or accidentally damaged. And you’re usually covered if your office equipment breaks down or malfunctions.

Whatever your business needs

You can easily add more equipment to your SmartWay rental agreement as your business grows.

See end of term options

Find out how we can help you get the equipment you need


Subject to approval. Fees, terms & conditions apply. All new rental agreements are subject to a minimum invoice value of $100. * Tax deductions may apply. SmartWay does not provide legal, tax or accounting advice. See your tax adviser for details.