leasing for education

Need a laptop or tablet for study?

Times have certainly changed and students need a lot more than a notepad and pen! So, whether you have a child in school or you are studying yourself, leasing with SmartWay means you get to choose the laptop or tablet you want and then upgrade to a newer or different model as you need1.

SmartWay Protects

Let's face it, things happen especially when kids are involved. With SmartWay, if something goes wrong, your goods are protected2. And if the leased goods are accidentally lost, accidentally damaged or stolen, in most cases we’ll replace them3.

A smarter way to lease

  • No cash up front4
  • Fixed monthly payments on lease terms that suit your budget
  • End of term options such as offer to purchase, ‘double time’ or return1
  • Protection for accidental loss, accidental damage or theft under our FlexiCare Program

Find out what to do if your goods are stolen, accidentally lost or accidentally damaged


1New lease agreements and all End of Term options (other than return), and including requests for upgrades, are subject to suitability assessment and credit approved applicants only; fees, terms and conditions apply. 2Provided under the FlexiCare Program and subject to terms and conditions. Refer to the product terms and conditions for a full list of exclusions. 3FlexiCare Loaner dispatched within 2 business days subject to delivery to all Australian metro areas and request made during business hours. 4May be required for commercial customers.