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Why not lease?

Fixed monthly payments - Protection for your Goods - End of Term Options


    Easy on your wallet - No hefty upfront costs

    Select a payment term that suits your budget from 12 to 60 months1 with no deposit2 or set up fees. Tax deductions may be available3.



    Flexible end of term options - It's your choice

    Still want to use the goods at the end of your lease? You can double time the terms of your original agreement for 1 extra monthly payment and continue using the goods with the benefits of FlexiCare6.


    Total peace of mind - No hefty upfront costs

    When accidents happen, you are protected. Through our FlexiCare Program, we'll repair or replace leased goods that are stolen, accidentally lost or accidentally damaged4. Loaner goods may also be available on laptops, smartphones, tablets and digital cameras5.


    Be up to date

    At the end of your lease, you can return the goods, make us an offer to purchase or double time7. If you choose to upgrade to new goods and enter into a new lease agreement, discounts may be applied on your offer to purchase the existing goods or up to 2 monthly payments may be waived if upgrading and returning the goods8.

1New lease agreements and all End of Term Options (other than return) and including requests for upgrade, are subject to suitability assessment and credit approved applicants only; fees, terms and conditions apply. Minimum invoice value $100. 2Upfront payment may be required for commercial customers.3Tax deductions may apply if the goods are used predominately for work related purposes. SmartWay does not provide legal, tax or accounting advice. See your tax adviser for details. 4Provided under FlexiCare Program and subject to terms & conditions and important exclusions and limitations - see terms & conditions. 5FlexiCare Loaner dispatched within 2 business days subject to delivery to all Australian metro areas and requests made during business hours, 6See terms & conditions. 7Customer must elect an end of lease option at the end of the term. 8Upgrade and entry into a new lease agreement to credit approved applicants only; fees, terms and conditions apply. Offer of up to 2 monthly payment waiver is available on agreements settled before 31 July 2019. One offer per customer.